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Support Process

Customer Support Process - Unified APM Customer Support Response Time SLA

Compuware APM Support Guide

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How cases are prioritized

When opening a case for the first time you will be asked to assign a priority to it. The following table provides a guideline to help you select the priority:

Table 1: case Priority Assignment and caseback Times

Priority Assigned


Response Time (Standard/Premium)


Service or major on-premise product component has been stopped or so seriously impaired that it is unusable, and no alternative is available. This includes software or operating system restarts, data loss or corruption. Software cannot be installed or migrated to a new release.

1 business hour (*) / 30 min


Service is significantly impacted where 50% to 99% of all SaaS services are impacted. This includes problems accessing two or more solutions in the SaaS service or unavailability of one or more Private Agents.

Obscure, difficult to reproduce, infrequent crashes or hangs of the on-premises software. Explicitly documented major functionality is missing or not usable. Documentation issue that leads to a severe error, installation/migration failure or data corruption.

No workaround or solution known at the time the case is logged.

4 business hours / 2 hours


Service not functioning correctly, where less than 50% of all SaaS services are impacted. This includes scripting help for new and existing tests or unavailability of a single node.

Situations in which the functionality of the on-premises software is slightly restricted but the product components are still functional. Data quality or access may be restricted. Reporting issues. Questions related to configuration or software installation. Some business impact.

Priority 3 issues usually have workarounds.

8 business hours / 4 hours


A feature of the service or on-premises software is not functioning correctly, but does not impact data quality or data access. This includes requests for general information and new feature requests.

A defect in very obscure product functionality. Misspelling in the documentation or in a product screen. Cosmetic problem.

2 business days / 8 hours

* For dynaTrace Enterprise (’”on-premises”) software, Severity 1 response time requires verbal contact with a Compuware Representative when a case is opened.